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This website was created for the sole purpose of providing information devoted to the understanding and enjoyment of safe and consensual forms of sexual and sensual expression to those who cannot get high-quality, tasteful information about it anywhere else! Whew, quite a mouthful there, anyways simply click on any of the topics below to begin your journey to an enlightened and enjoyable sex life.

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69 Tips for Better Sex


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Aids/HIV HIV is the virus that ultimately causes AIDS... 
Anal Sex Some love anal sex, others hate it... do it right!
Condoms An illustrated guide to the usage of condoms... 
Contraception Methods of contraception and their effectiveness
Cunnilingus Cunnilingus, eating pussy, muff-diving... do it right! 
Definitions Common sex and sexual terms (slang and medical) 
Fellatio Fellatio, giving head, sucking cock... do it right! 
First Time Questions and Answers about the 'first-time'. 
G-Spot The mysterious female G-Spot is finally explained 
Humour One-liners, cartoons and more to keep Sex fun!
Homosexuality Homosexual, lesbianism, gay and lesbian information 
Links Links to other sources of sex and sexuality information 
Masturbation Masturbation explained for both men and women 
Positions An illustrated guide to the more common positions 
Sex Toys Sex toys used to enhance sexual pleasure 
Water Play Information about water play 

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